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We Do That!

The road to success is always under construction

Kenworth Bore Truck puuling a Ditch Witch JT20 Bore machine sitting in front of Dallas Cowboys Stadium

Texas Hawk is based in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex employing skilled professionals with over 25 years in construction, utility locating and boring machine operation.


We provide services for telecom, water, sewer, electrical and gas, with a focus on 5g small cell and macro tower build-out.


We operate late model DitchWitch and Vermeer boring equipment. Each crew is outfitted with all the necessary equipment and tools to get the job done.


We utilize the latest in bore tracking technology to ensure both accurate bore path execution and analysis. If your scope requires, then each bore will include detailed as-builts showing depth from top of pipe and off of curb measurements.

Fiber Conduit Directional Boring

With a heavy focus on the telecommunications industry, Texas Hawk is ready to perform horizontal directional drilling for your project. We specialize in Macro and Small Cell CRAN 5G conduit boring for both power and fiber.

Wireless 5G Macro Tower

Electrical Conduit Directional Boring

Over the past 30+ years, this technology has evolved from its original use as a preferred method for pipeline construction across major waterways to a technique suitable for congested utility corridors along busy highways. It's also effective over long distances, eliminating work hour restrictions compared to traditional open-cut methods that impact activities along the bore path. Underground directional boring now overcomes these obstacles or significantly reduces their impact.

Ditch Witch JT20 Bore machine boring electrical conduit

Water Pipe Directional Boring

From trenchless line replacements to conduit installations for system re-pipes and industrial water line repairs, our expertise, training, and equipment can address your water utility requirements.

Ditch With Directional Bore machine Model JT20

Dry Bore Auger

Whether it's boring 36-inch steel casing for sanitary sewer beneath a DOT highway, on-grade through rock, or navigating a congested utility corridor with limited right-of-way access, we have the capabilities to get the job done.


And more...

Texas Hawk employs horizontal directional drilling for utility line installations when trenching and excavation aren't viable. While the drilling process itself is straightforward, the essential pre-bore steps are critical for accurate and efficient performance, ensuring safety and preventing damage to existing utilities.

Directional Bore machine and operator installing conduit in a filed near a housing development

On Time Delivery

Project Cloud

Employee Training

Technology Investment

Skycrane off loading a 5G Pole for installation
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