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Kenworth Bore Truck puuling a Ditch Witch JT20 Bore machine sitting in front of Dallas Cowboys Stadium

Horizontal Directional Drilling

25 Years Experience

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DITCH WITCH manufacturer of boring machines

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Ditch With JT20 bore machine boring gas lines

Directional Drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling services for installing underground pipe and conduit using a surface mounted drill machine.

Ditch Witch JT20 Boring machine boring a WATER LINE


Whether its pipe bursting services for water and sewer lines, steam lines and refrigerant or power duct and cable pull back,

We Do That!

A reel of rolled FIBRE-OPTIC conduit used for directional boring of underground utilities

Macro Tower & Small Cell

Get "soup to nuts" boring services for 5G Macro tower and small cell projects. 

Job Management

Our project software simplifies managing telecom construction. Our intuitive mobile application makes it easy to record all production right in the field on a phone or tablet.


Daily-Reports sync automatically in the cloud so that our office staff have access to detailed and accurate Close-Out-Reports and As-Builts ready to be shared with our clients at the click of a button.

  • Issue, Track, As-Build, and Approve Jobs & Change Orders in one system

  • Receive Standardized Daily Production Reports with GPS locations, photos, time stamps, and tools to verify production is true and accurate

  • Automatically Generate KMZ Files that Upload to Google Earth & Import into AutoCad  Using a WGS84 (EPSG – 4326) Coordinate System

  • New network construction is saved to a single cloud-based system print that is accessible to all System-Techs on a daily basis

  • Materials are tracked from the time the contractor takes possession until the materials are installed

  • Active Job Dashboard allows the Provider to track open PO’s, Job Status, and percentage complete

  • Automatic Wall-to-Wall Reports

  • Standardized Photo Reports

  • Printable As-Built Maps

  • Small Cell Site Close Out Documents

  • Material Usage Reporting

  • Locate Tracking – With Automatic Expiration Reminder

  • Precon Meeting Information

See It All On One Map

The construction specifics and GPS locations recorded in the field flow right into google maps. 


The details for every bore line, box location, pothole, and fiber pull are right there in a popup window with a click of an icon on the map.  Better still – all of that data is preserved and accessible on the KMZ files

Directional Boring project management software used to track and record completed horizontal directional boring of underground utilities

On Time Delivery

Project Cloud

Employee Training

Technology Investment

180 State Street

Suite 225

Southlake, Texas

United States of America


Commander 7 SUBSITE-SCREEN located on bore machine used by operator to track bore
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